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I took a class and found Joanna to be precise and clear with her instruction while remaining friendly and light-hearted. A worthy investment of time and money!
Hilary CZT, Pensyvannia,USA
Dec 2019
I discovered Zentangle in December 2017 and became a CZT in June of 2019. I've taken three of Joanna's classes in hopes of becoming a better teacher, and her classes did not disappoint. I've learned how to teach the basics of Zentangle, learned how to create Zengems, and today I learned a lot about the different ways to add shading to my tiles. I think the shading class surprised me the most because I learned so much that will help me make my tiles look better. Thank you so much, Joanna. Your classes are fun and so well prepared!
Barbara CZT, Texas, USA
Dec 2019
Shade with Confidence was a wonderful class, Jo. I must say it always amazes me how much information you present in just one class. We accomplished so much and I attribute it to the fact that you have meticulously planned all aspects of the presentation. Your efforts on our behalf are much appreciated!
Linda CZT, USA
Dec 2019
The Renaissance Zendala class was really fun.
I really enjoyed finishing my Zendala though, and I know that was in part because your thorough and consistent teaching methods ensured that I knew what I was supposed to do even after class was over and I was by myself.
Dec 2019
Thank you so much for that excellent class. You did a great job teaching and I feel much more confident with my ability to play and add shading to my tangles.  Shading shouldn’t be so intimidating, but it really is! For me anyway.... but this class really helped. Thanks for the time you put into it.

Also, I’m so glad we took before and after photos of the shading. Huge difference!!!
Kristi, Seattle, USA
Dec 2019
I became a CZT back in November 2014 - As much as I love Zentangle there were things about this art form that I avoided - like working on my shading techniques - As much as I knew that shading was the final piece of the puzzle , I could never quite grasp where or how to shade without “ruining” a tile and turning it into mud. Today, thanks to Joanna Quincey‘s How to Shade with Confidence class- l am happy to say, that l tangled through my fear, and have a much better grasp of where and when to put down graphite:) Jo is amiable and professional and to be able to do this online, via Zoom in the comfort of my living room on a cold Sunday morning was really a joyful experience- even my cat liked her voice and behaved - perhaps it was the British accent - very sure and calming at the same time.

I also took a Gemstone class with Jo a few weeks ago - another tool that mystified me was Colored Pencils - l was just as fearful about my blending skills - but again- Joanne seamlessly unravelled the mystery of drawing gemstones and adding tangles.
So, both classes took me out of my comfort zone and into a feeling of accomplishment:) Thanks Joanna Quincey- can’t wait to see what you have lined up for 2020 :)
Robin CZT, New York, USA
Dec 2019
I had the pleasure of taking Joanna’s Zengems online course and really enjoyed it. It can be very easy to have a disconnect when your not in the same room, but Joanna made use feel very comfortable, was sure to connect with each of us and give excellent instruction and encouragement, even following up after the class was over. The techniques that she taught were very effective, and I am sure I will be using them often. If you have a chance, I highly recommend you take her class! You won’t regret it!
Ruth Carson
Students Gemtangle tile on a Zenjo class
I did the Zengems class with Joanna.
She is an excellent teacher, and very skilled not only at Zentangle but in knowing how to run a class, make everyone comfortable and pace the class perfectly.
Her instructions are precise and it is clear she has spent time to plan the class to the last detail. It is a very rich learning experience because she talks as you draw, taking care to point out nuances and little tips and tricks.
There is lots to learn from her and I’m sure I will be taking more classes. And of course, drawing more gems!
Rohini Singh
Jo is an excellent teacher, she is patient, approachable, and knowledgeable. She makes sure everyone feels comfortable. I’m so pleased to have found her class on gems, it was exactly what I was looking for!
Susan Nickerson McFarlane
I have been envious of the beautiful gems artists use and decided I was going to learn how to do it. Jo’s class popped up and I am so glad I took it. She is a wonderful teacher and I learned so much from her. I consider myself an intermediate student of colored pencil but even so I learned a lot of techniques I didn’t know. I will definitely take more classes from Jo.
Connie Case
Jo is an excellent teacher! I appreciated her calm, peaceful approach and learned so much from her gentle guidance. I learned more than I had expected to learn from the class and look forward to taking more classes with her.
Susan J. Styx
I took a zengems class with Joanna and was amazed at what I created during the 2 hour class. Joanna showed the class step by step what to do and explained everything very clearly. She sent out the class materials and instructions for the Zoom class platform well ahead of the class so the students would be prepared. I will definitely be looking for other classes taught by Joanna.
Heather Griggs Arata
Students Gemtangle tile on a Zenjo class
I have known Joanna for a few years and was introduced to Zentangle!
I loved and enjoyed Zentangle! It's a great way to relax your mind and you end up with a beautiful piece of art!
I recently took Joanna's class on gem stones! It was a lot of fun! I love her patience, knowledge and tips on Zentangle.
What a great daily practice that you can do anywhere and anytime!
Joanne DiGiovanni Raia
I went on a 4 week evening course with Jo in our little town of Builth Wells. I had tried with the aid of a book and some artist tiles to 'have a go' by myself, the lessons with a proper teacher made an amazing difference to what I produced, especially the technique of shading. Jo is such a fantastic teacher, warm, welcoming and so patient. Highly recommend 5*.
Juls Sims
I have tried to learn from books but there is just a difference in having a teacher, whether in real life or online, teach you The Art of Zentangles. Even the YouTube videos are just not the same. I have enjoyed my classes with Jo and recommend her as a CZT. She had been patient and understanding with all the questions that come up when you have tried to learn by yourself. Knowing the difference between the Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) and Zentangles has been a real eye opener. If you have the chance take a class, you won’t regret it.
Danielle Evans
Like many, I started my Zentangle journey from books and videos. While that was great, I was missing the most important element, the Zen. Jo’s teachings are based on Zentangle philosophies, including to relax and let creativity sprout forward in a spontaneous way. Books can’t teach that, thus, there is no substitute for human instruction.
If you want to learn Zentangle, I recommend taking classes from Jo. Jo covers a variety of elements (techniques, tool differences, history, etc.,) staying true to the Zentangle core. Because of her teachings, I have a deeper appreciation for Zentangle and can’t recommend her highly enough.
Stephanie Guthrie
Yesterday (11/4/19) I took Joanna’s Gemtangle class. I have been looking for a gem drawing method for quite a long time without really finding anything I felt confident doing. After her class I know I will be able to do gems now anytime I want. I’m so excited about this. Anyone on the fence about trying this very intimidating (at least to me) process should check this class out. You will be amazed at what you can create immediately. Thank you Joanna!
Jody Genovese
Students Gemtangle tile on a Zenjo class
I have been doing these classes and can highly recommend them. I had lost my Zentangle mojo over the last few months and Jo’s classes have really helped me to focus again and rediscover why I love Zentangle. I never knew you could hold live classes online but you can and it really works - amazing to be interacting with tanglers from across the US and Europe! I have loved all the tiles and tangles we have done - the mosaic was particularly fun. Thank you Jo - I’m off to do some tangling now.....

Gloria, UK
(online class testimonial Sept 2019)
Wonderful class! Wonderful instructor! There are not many classes in my area but this online class has been exactly what I was looking for!

Susan, Florida
(online class testimonial Sept 2019)
These classes have taught me more than the last six months that I have been trying to learn from books and YouTube videos. There is just something about being in the moment of the class that has changed my perspective on Zentangles. Also, the amount of learning has increased because I may not have asked the question, but someone else has, and I have learned from it. Thank you, Jo, and Group 1.

Danielle, Washington
(online class testimonial Sept 2019)
Zenjo Zentangle was my first online class ever and I am glad I attended! Jo is an amazing instructor and the class is relaxing and so much fun! I can't wait for the next online class series!

Stephanie, Washington
(online class testimonial Sept 2019)
Thank you, Jo! Another fun class from a terrific teacher.

Michele, Florida
(online class testimonial Sept 2019)
I discovered Zentangle during the Summer of 2018 and Joanna (a.k.a. "Zenjo CZT.") almost immediately thereafter.   To say that both have changed my life would be an understatement.

Zentangle is a simply wonderful artform that I practice almost daily.  When I found it, having stumbled on a couple of books, I found it relaxing, and just lovely to do. I also realised immediately that it would help me explore my own hidden creativity. I had a feeling though, that there was more to it than the books had to offer. It was then that I looked for a teacher (online in my case) and found Jo.

Little did I know at the start, what a gem I had found in Zenjo, nor how true to the original creators of Zentangle - the Zenjo method of teaching Zentangle actually is.    

From Joanna, I learned that Zentangle is not only a great way to unwind, and find that "flow state" that comes by focus on an singular activity, but that Zentangle is actually a powerful metaphor for how to live life in the present moment -- and that the joy is in the process...the journey... and not the outcome.

I cannot recommend Jo highly enough as a Zentangle teacher.  She is gentle, and soft spoken, but articulate, and is fiercely passionate about the Zentangle Method. In fact, I was so smitten by the Zentangle, and specifically the way I learned it from Jo, that I myself went on to become a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) this past spring.

Thanks Jo for everything.  I know that you know that this testimonial is only the tip of the iceberg about how much Zentangle and your mentorship in my own Zentangle journey means to me. I sincerely hope that this "attagirl" helps others find you that they can discover a similar sense of fulfillment and enthusiasm for Zentangle, as I have.

I recently had the opportunity of working one on one with Jo in a teacher/student capacity. Jo is a Certified Zentangle Teacher and she proves that she knows what that means in how she teaches. She took time to get to know a little about me before we started our session. She had asked me what I wanted to work on and I told her I wanted to know how to practice more mindful breathing while drawing so that I did not end up holding my pen in what I call a death grip. She showed me some breathing exercises that I could do throughout the time I was drawing. I think the most important thing she taught me is that Zentangle is not a race. It is about being grateful for the experience and being in the moment without any distraction. The best part of this first session is that, I was able to apply what she taught me about breathing and being in the moment to my job the next day. The result was that I accomplished more than I normally do because I let go of some of the external noise that usually gets to me. I look forward to working with Jo in future one on one sessions not only is she an excellent teacher she is also a gifted artist.

Janeen, Virginia, USA
Jo is a remarkable and extremely talented teacher. She evokes confidence in her pupils and is deeply committed to the cause of spreading happiness, joy and learning through teaching Zentangle.  She is an asset to Zentangle and a global ambassador to spread the art form and its numerous benefits thus making a difference to the lives of people, especially those who are underprivileged.

Dr Meeta Singh, Jaipur, India
A fabulous day. So much fun and wonderful to learn something which truly helps to allow you to switch off and totally chill.
I can’t wait for another course.

Sarah M, Wales
A great day which was very relaxing. Zentangle is addictive… is that good!
Thank you, Jo.

Sarah C, Wales
A very enjoyable day after which we were able to take away all the materials needed to continue practicing what we have learned. Jo was a fabulous and engaging teacher. Her passion for Zentangle and a mindful approach is infectious.

Louise, Wales
What an amazing workshop! Focused and relaxing – very zen! I certainly learnt a lot on my journey. It is worth attending again.

Isobel, Wales
This is the best workshop I have ever attended! Highly recommended. Fabulous course and Jo is lovely.

Aberystwyth, Wales
I loved the structure of the day, there was no pressure and the positivity from Jo was amazing. She really made me feel comfortable.
I am glad that today I can walk away  with a skill that will not only push me creatively but will actually act as an art therapy for me now and help with stress and anxiety. I loved it!! Thank you so much Jo.

Millie, Abergavenny, Wales
Fabulous day! From thinking that I couldn’t do it at the beginning of the day, to becoming more confident at the end of the workshop. Jo is passionate about Zentangle and this is reflected in her lovely teaching and guidance.

Hayley, Wales
It was a perfect workshop! Nice and calming. Jo was great. She gave continual encouragement. I would do it again in a heartbeat!