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Understanding the Zentangle Method
Find your Zen with Zenjo

Learn or revisit the 8 Basic Steps and find your
“Zen” in the Zentangle Method.

I have put together a series of classes that focus on the heart of the Zentangle Method. I have become aware that so many people lose their way within their Zentangle practice and that then causes them to question what they create or even stops them in their tracks. This saddens me because that is exactly the opposite of what Zentangle is about.

My approach to my own practice, and what I teach others, has been to focus upon the core principles of the Zentangle Method rather than the ’art’ and this is what I hope I can pass to those I teach. With this approach the ‘art’ will naturally follow. It is always really useful to ask yourself, “Why do I tangle?”. I can take a guess at what your answer will be and I doubt that it is to get as many ‘likes’ on social media as possible.

I want each and every student to grow in confidence and to see that whatever they create is good enough right now. I want you to be able to pick up your pen and tangle without those sneaky little voices creeping into your head.

So, whatever your level, whatever your experience, join me to Find your Zen in Zentangle.

Jo Quincey

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Take time to be mindfully creative…. just for you.
Zenjo - little by little, slowly, perfect concentration

The details

  • Maximum group size 8
  • Classes are held via the free to Zoom App
  • Times and dates, whenever possible, will be set to suit UK and US time zones.

One-To-One Tutorials

Many people cannot get to a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) so having an online class in the comfort of your own home is a great way to be able to do so.

Jo has taught one-to-one online classes to students from the USA, India and Australia.

An Online student says:

I recently had the opportunity of working one on one with Jo in a teacher/student capacity. Jo is a Certified Zentangle Teacher and she proves that she knows what that means in how she teaches. She took time to get to know a little about me before we started our session. She had asked me what I wanted to work on and I told her I wanted to know how to practice more mindful breathing while drawing so that I did not end up holding my pen in what I call a death grip. She showed me some breathing exercises that I could do throughout the time I was drawing. I think the most important thing she taught me is that Zentangle is not a race. It is about being grateful for the experience and being in the moment without any distraction. The best part of this first session is that, I was able to apply what she taught me about breathing and being in the moment to my job the next day. The result was that I accomplished more than I normally do because I let go of some of the external noise that usually gets to me. I look forward to working with Jo in future one on one sessions not only is she an excellent teacher she is also a gifted artist.

Janeen, Virginia, USA

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