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Creative calm in the Classroom

“Zentangle can extend and enrich children’s learning ….. and more. It is a developmentally appropriate practice that supports children in acquiring early fine motor writing skills through creative encounters, and it is an alternative to costly commercial products. At the heart of Zentangle is experiential learning and a state of mindfulness that can maximise potential ….. to thrive in an ever-changing and diverse world. The Zentangle® Method is worthy of consideration by teachers… an approach that can support learning in a myriad of ways.”

Extract from “Introducing Zentangle in Early Years” 2017
Gillian McAuliffe & Sandra Hesterman

Zentangle classes for children

Jo can attend your learning environment and teach groups of children giving them a unique chance to experience the fun of Zentangle taught by a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Zentangle stretches across cultures, religions, media and ages without having to alter the content of the method. The Zentangle method itself changes very little when you're teaching children versus adults.

Children love Zentangle!

Zentangle practice has been shown to create a calm, focused, interactive environment that is conducive to learning.

This quietness and the proactive engagement of the mind creates a sense of wellbeing that continues after finishing tangling.

Introducing a regular Zentangle practice at the start of the day or start of a class can significantly and positively impact upon children enabling them to become more present, calm and engaged.

Zentangle is not aimless doodling, there is a deliberate intention and purpose.

Teachers have noted that participation in Zentangle promoted children’s wellbeing.

Perceived benefits of Zentangle for children:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Sense of achievement
  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Improved concentration (includes children with motor co-ordination difficulties, children on the autistic spectrum and children having withdrawal and impulsive disorders.)
  • Increased creativity
  • Inclusive
  • A sense of community
  • Appreciation of others
  • Reduced anxiety

Teach the Teachers

Jo can teach Zentangle classes at you location, for teachers, carers, parents and counsellors.

This workshop will provide you with the first steps to introduce Zentangle within your classroom and learning environment.

Plus you will be able to create Zentangle for your own wellbeing.

Boost mindful creativity in children with Zentangle

** Note: Whilst you can share what you have learned with friends and family this workshop does not qualify you to teach Zentangle out of your school environment.**

Contact Jo to discuss how Zentangle can be introduced into your school