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Tiles done during India Trip 2018

Learn to quiet your busy mind, find focus, relaxation and positivity with this mindful drawing technique.

Zentangle - Zenjo for Creative Mindfulness

The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. An easy way to have some mindfully energising, creative time out.

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About Jo

Joanna Quincey is an experienced Certified Zentangle Teacher who trained in the USA.

She has a fascinating career in nursing, the Police service and as trainer in the National Health Service.

She has a unique, caring understanding of people and is passionate about sharing the Zentangle Method and the mindfully creative benefits it can bring to others. Her sense of fun and belief in others is infectious.

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Reduce Anxiety

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Zenjo Art was created by Joanna Quincey after she discovered the Zentangle® Method and became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).

Zentangle® is a simple and fun way of learning to be mindful, relaxed and focused. Feel calm and enjoy the positive experience of creativity. 

Unwind with ease

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Joanna Quincey is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who has a unique and widely experienced career background (nursing, police work, training, fitness) enabling her to deliver high quality Zentangle classes and classes to individuals, groups, businesses,  organisations, health care and education arenas.

Reduce Stress

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Creating Zentangle sparks the creative thought process thereby encouraging a positive and productive mind within everyday life.

It is incredibly beneficial for reducing stress and improving mental and emotional wellbeing.

Anyone can do it

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No prior artistic training or ability is necessary. If you can hold a pen you can create Zentangle.

Ease of access

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Zentangle is easily portable. With simple tools, easy to carry tools it can be created in as little as 15 mins ......mindful, and relaxed focus at your fingertips, any place, anytime.

The Calm

Calm image

The focus and concentration experienced when creating Zentangle creates a pleasant calm in the environment and in the mind.

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In January 2018 Jo went to India at the request of the NGO charity Dignity of Girl Child.

She spent 2 weeks teaching Zentangle to disadvantaged children at Government schools and slum settlements in Jaipur, groups of illiterate women and children from rural villages in Rajasthan and women at a domestic abuse refuge centre in Jaipur.

It was an inspirational and life changing experience.

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